Nelson Shoot With Major

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Britney Spears is Finally Putting in “Work Bitch”



Britney Spears just slayed everyone in Pop music single handedly with her new video for Work Bitch. The bitch is finally putting in work and did some choreography, giving us sexiness and you can actually see life in her eyes again. This is probably the most liveliest Britney video since “Gimme More.” Watch the Pop Princess put in work after the jump.

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Katy Perry is “Walking On Air” in New Song


Katy Perry has dropped her third single, Walking On Air, off her upcoming album Prism. We heard the songstress take on the world with Roar, embrace her magic powers in Dark Horse and now she’s Walking on Air. The Pop star takes us back to late 90’s early 00’s with the house inspired track. Check it out after the jump.

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Jessie J Unveils Tracklist For “Alive”


Jessie J is ready to release her upcoming Alive and she’s finally unveiled the tracklist. I have not been a huge fan of Jessie J this era but the girl is talented and her work ethic is on point. Excuse My Rude, which is one of tracks on the album caused me to potentially become team Jessie again. It’s very tongue-in-cheek, sassy and features upcoming rapstress Becky G. To date, Jessie has released two singles from the upcoming album, Wild and It’s My Party.

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Lady Gaga Deserves An “Applause”



Earlier today in New York City around 8AM Lady Gaga debuted her new video for her “underwhelming” new single, Applause. Though, the song itself didn’t “slay” her competition *cough cough*, Katy Perry, she did manage to outdo herself in the visual. After almost 2 years since the release of Born this Way, Lady Gaga went back to the drawing board and drew inspiration from her Fame days. She didn’t give us a 10 minute video, there were no religious undertones, and it didn’t come off pretentious. Lady Gaga had FUN, and literally lived for the applause.

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